MacVoices #13190: Mike Muhney Helps You Make Connections with VIPorbit

Chuck Joiner, Mike Muhney

To call VIPorbit a contact manager is a bit of an over-simplification. Mike Muhney, the CEO and co-founder of VIPorbit, explains why, after he created ACT!, the Windows-standard for customer relationship management, he moved on to the Apple platforms to build a system that is both simple and powerful. Mike’s passion shows through as he walks us through both the concepts and functions of VIPorbit for the Mac, iPhone and iPad, why he selected a proprietary sync service, and how VIPorbit can help you organize all of the contacts in your business and personal life.

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VIPorbit Contact Manager – VIPorbit Software (iPhone)

VIPorbit-Contact Manager – VIPorbit Software (iPad)

VIPorbit-Contact Manager – VIPOrbit Software (Mac)


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