MacVoicesTV #1031: MacVoicesTV at Macworld – Andrew Taylor of MacSpeech on Scribe, Their Professional Vocabularies and More

At Macworld 2010, Andrew Taylor, Founder and CEO of MacSpeech, updates us on their latest product, MacSpeech Scribe. Andrew explains why MacSpeech Scribe, a one-click solution is the most advanced and easiest-to-use MacSpeech product yet. Andrew also talks about their specialized vocabularies, available for the medical and legal professions, and how they enhance MacSpeech products.

The audio-only version of this show is available on MacVoices #1041.

Macworld 2010
MacVoicesTV at Macworld 2010 is our series of interviews with exhibiting vendors, speakers, Mac luminaries and friends, and panel discussions recorded at Macworld 2010 in San Francisco.


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