MacVoicesTV #1045: MacVoicesTV at Macworld – Livescribe Adds More Functionality to the Pulse Smartpen

In the Livescribe booth at Macworld 2010, Maureen Keating and Eric Petitt show off the latest enhancements to the Pulse Smartpen. How smart can a pen be? Eric takes us through both the basics, including both capturing notes and audio from whatever you are doing, transferring that information to your Mac and thirty apps that add even more functionality. New on the horizon is their iPhone app; Maureen explains how you can share Pulse Smartpen-generated materials to your iPhone via “pencasts,” and take advantage of the iPhone interface to manipulate the data.

The audio-only version of this show is available on MacVoices #1055.

Macworld 2010
MacVoicesTV at Macworld 2010 is our series of interviews with exhibiting vendors, speakers, Mac luminaries and friends, and panel discussions recorded at Macworld 2010 in San Francisco.


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