MacVoicesTV #1150: Macworld 2011 – The Mac Roundtable Discusses The Future of the Mac OS

At Macworld 2011, members of The Mac Roundtable take the Macworld Live Stage to discuss the future of the Mac OS.

Participants include:

Victor CajiaoThe Typical Mac User Podcast
John ChambersThe One Minute Tip
Katie FloydMac Power Users
Chuck Joiner
The MacVoices Group
Don McAllister
Joseph Nilo
HiLo Media
Ken RayMac OS Ken
Allison Sheridan – The NosillaCast
David SparksMac Power Users
Tim VerpoortenThe MacReviewCast

The audio-only version of this episode is available on MacVoices and on The Mac Roundtable. Another video version of this session is available on YouTube.


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The MacVoices Group

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MacLevelTen – The Mac Media Group


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