MacVoicesTV #12102: WWDC 2012 – Alena Kudasheva of Vito Technology Takes Us On A Star Walk and More

At WWDC 2012,¬†Alena Kudasheva of Vito Technology talks about their astronomy apps, Star Walk and Solar Walk, and their world fact application, Geo Walk HD. Characterized by intuitive interactivity, Star Walk is one of those show-off-your-iPad apps. Alena explains why it is a point of honor for them, why the stunning graphics of Solar Walk are so important, and why the fact that Geo Walk HD isn’t comprehensive is a good thing. How the Vito Technology team see themselves (hint: not as scientists), and why that may be a key advantage in creating their amazing products and more are shared in this interview.

The audio-only version of this episode is available on MacVoices.


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Star Walk – 5 Stars Astronomy Guide – Vito Technology Inc.

Solar Walk – 3D Solar System model – Vito Technology Inc.

Geo Walk HD – 3D World Fact Book – Vito Technology Inc.

Solar Walk for Mac – 3D Solar System model – Vito Technology Inc.


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