MacVoicesTV #12134: Dennis Sellers Launches The Apple Daily Report

There’s a new Mac news web site out there, and it is the creation of Dennis Sellers. The Apple Daily Report is taking a different approach to serving the Mac community. Dennis talks about their very different ad model that delivers local Apple Specialist information rather than just the same old ads that you see (and sometimes overlook) elsewhere. Dennis brings a wealth of experience to the new site, and talks about the content, how the Apple universe has changed during his career (hint: Apple won), and offers an opportunity and a resource to Apple User Groups.

The audio-only version of this episode is available on MacNotables

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Dennis Sellers is is the founder of The Apple Daily News, an Apple news site that reflects Dennis’ extensive experience and background in covering technology news. “Dennis has been a newspaper/editor reporter (seven years) and teacher (seven years). He has over 3,000 magazine, newspaper and online articles to his credit. Sellers has written about comic books (Amazing Heroes), fitness (Muscular Development), photography (Rangefinder, Digital Camera Magazine), caving (Tennessee Conservationist), education (EdTech News, Teachers in Focus, ParentGuide News), parenting issues (Nashville Parent, Vermont Parent & Child) and many other topics. He’s had eight short stories published. Sellers has also covered the Mac and tech industries for a decade for such online publications as MacCentral, MacMinute, Macsimum News, and Mac News.


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