MacVoicesTV #1333: Kirk McElhearn Takes Control of iTunes 11

In his new book, Take Control of iTunes 11 the FAQ, Kirk McElhearn helps us understand the most radical revision to Apple’s music, video and iDevice management software in a long time. Some features are gone, some have been added, and many have just been moved. Kirk discusses the evolution of the software, what he likes, what he doesn’t, and why some of the changes were made. iTunes simple in some areas, powerful and complex in others. Find out how to use it to the fullest from Kirk.


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Chuck Joiner is the producer and host of MacVoices, MacVoicesTV, MacNotables and The MacJury, a group of shows and web sites that make up The MacVoices Group. You can catch up with what he’s doing by following him on Twitter, friending him on Facebook, or circling him on Google+.
Kirk McElhearn writes about Macs, iPods, iPads, iTunes, books, music and more. He’s written a dozen books, is a Senior Contributor to Macworld, and writes for several other web sites and magazines. He reviews classical CDs for MusicWeb and audiobooks for Audiofile, and is a French-English translator.


Take Control of iTunes 11: The FAQ.pdf


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