MacVoicesTV #1377: Macworld 2013 – EuroSmartz’ WritePDF Merges Multiple Document Formats Into PDF

On the show floor at  Macworld/iWorld 2013 in San Francisco, Ian Schenkel, the CEO of EuroSmartz put their IOS PDF utility WritePDF through its paces, including the ability to merge app documents of various types directly into a PDF document with no conversation necessary. Ian makes it look easy because it is.

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I just came home from work; after a colleague sent me a copy of the newsletter that this was in. I installed it straight away . I saved the email as a PDF; annotated over the newsletter (pointing to the name WritePDF) and then sent it off to everyone in my address book ...and printed it direct from my iPad ..all in less than a minute without any help. I love it ; thanks Chuck you have come up with the goods yet again!!

Slim Jim
Slim Jim

Wow; I just tried the scaling and print preview the guy mentioned in the video; it works awesomely on the iPad; even better than on my Win 8 machine! Have loved the app for over 2 years now ; these guys keep on servicing the needs of their customers without charging them anymore and are a great example of tech innovators

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