MacVoicesTV #916: Macworld Expo – The Mac Roundtable Discuss Apple, The Future of Macworld and Product Picks

The MacRoundtable
In their first live appearance as a group, members of The Mac Roundtable took the Macworld Learning Center Stage at Macworld Expo to discuss Phil Shiller’s keynote, the future of Macworld Expo, some of their product picks from the show, and more. Participating members included (in order of appearance) Allison Sheridan, Adam Christianson, John Chambers, Victor Cajiao, Katie Floyd, Chuck Joiner, David Sparks and Don McAllister.

The audio-only version of this discussion is available as The Mac Roundtable #56.

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Chuck Joiner on Twitter

MacVoices at Macworld Expo 2009 Photo Set on Flickr

Allison Sheridan
Allison Sheridan on Twitter

Adam Christianson
The MacCast
Adam Chrstianson on Twitter

John Chambers
One-Minute Tip
Photoshop Wednesdays
Dreamweaver Thursdays
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Victor Cajiao
Typical Mac User Podcast
Typical Shutterbug Podcast
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Katie Floyd
The MacCore Podcast
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Don McAllister
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David Sparks
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Mac Roundtable 2008.08.25 Episode #47 – Going Paperless

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